Songbirds, Boston Bruins, and 7 Other Reasons to Love April in New England

When April arrives in New England the sun shines a little brighter and the days get a little longer. The surrounding landscapes begin to wake up, the temperatures are warmer, and we find ourselves feeling more energetic. It’s a special time of year and there are many reasons to love April in New England.

1. The Boston Marathon 

The Boston Marathon (a.k.a Patriots Day Race) takes place every year on – you guessed it – Patriot’s Day, and is one of the world’s oldest running marathons. The estimated 36,000 marathoners run for a total of 26 miles along Route 16 and Route 30, and finish in the center of Boston. It’s a super fun day and we look forward to watching this event every year and cheering on the runners!


2. Songbirds

In our backyard we typically hear American Robins, Blue Jays and Northern Cardinals chirping away in the early morning hours. It’s a beautiful sound to wake up to and if you listen very carefully to these common songbirds –  it’s easy to recognize the differences between each bird and the songs they sing to us before sunrise.

  • Click here to hear the song of the American Robin.
  • Click here to hear the song of the Blue Jay.
  • Click here to hear the song of the Northern Cardinal.
Photo of a male Northern Cardinal was taken at the Arnold Arboretum, MA by Hari Krishnan. 

3. Lighter Coats

Crisp, cool mornings are often followed by a scattering of warm afternoons. We’re able to ditch our heavy winter coats in favor of light weight attire – and sometimes  – we don’t need a coat at all.

4. Rain Showers

April is usually the rainiest month in New England – and that’s a good thing – because the rain cleans the streets and walkways and washes away the remnants of winter. The additional water Mother Nature provides helps the grass turn greener and promotes the growth of spring blooms.

The beautiful Arnold Arboretum in Boston, MA.

5. Hibernation Ends

It’s nice to wake up and go for a walk to the local coffee shop for a warm cafe au lait and see that the streets are busy with people once again. They are no longer hiding indoors from the cold winter weather, and everyone looks happy to welcome the change of season.

6. Cherry Trees

From late April to May, Boston is home to one of the best venues to see Cherry blossoms in full bloom. We like to spend time by the Esplanade which is located next to the Charles River. It’s a breathtaking stroll along the waterfront!


7. Swan Boats

April marks the return of the Swan Boats to the Boston Public Garden. The Swan Boats generally run from mid- April through September, and is one of the oldest traditions in Boston having been in operation since 1877. For more information visit


8. Lull Farm Tulips

Lull Farm is located in Hollis, New Hampshire and we always stop in when we are visiting family and friends. We like to pick up fresh eggs, chicken and produce when in season. But we really love Lull’s spring tulip selection. They are truly amazing! For information visit


9. Playoff Hockey

As of April 26 (the writing of this post) the Boston Bruins are still in the running to win the Stanley Cup. Right now they are currently leading the series 1-0 against the Blue Jackets.


What more can we say other than “Go Bruins”! Or as Tom Brady from the Pats would say “Let’s GOOOOO”!


Sound/Photo Credits: 

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